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Who we are

Fastmoove are a team of investors that buy properties throughout England. We specialise in Cornwall where we are based and Cheshire where we originated from and have strong ties. We cater for those people needing a fast hassle-free sale of their property for whatever reason.

You can rest assured that our service comes with our price guarantee meaning we will never lower our offer at any point during the selling process unless material information has been withheld.

Approved by, The Property Ombudsman, Residential Landlords Association

We buy throughout England

Price guarantee of a maximum of 80% of the market value.
Once you have accepted an offer from us we will never lower our offer, subject to full disclosure.

Fast selling.
We can buy within 24 hours of you accepting our offer.

No upfront fees.
You also avoid estate agent, valuation, arrangement and survey fees when you use our service.

Any mortgageable property considered. We will consider most properties, regardless of the condition or location.

Reasons this may suit you...

Speed and Certainty

You don’t have to wait for the phone to ring or keep getting your house ready for viewings: one view is all it takes. 1 in 3 sales using an estate agent falls through taking an average of 6 months.


If the opportunity to move for your dream job suddenly materialises, don’t let your property hold you back.


If you’ve decided to make the break, you don’t want a lengthy house sale to delay the process of moving on. A fast sale could also potentially reduce both parties legal fees.


Time to downsize, but you don’t want the delay or trauma associated with the standard estate agent sale. Then let us assist you.


Why waste your retirement getting your house ready for viewings? Let us sort your house sale, so you can focus on having fun.

Short Leasehold

If your property has short leasehold, which is making it difficult to sell, don’t despair, we are still happy to make an offer.

Financial Difficulty

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a financially difficult situation or facing repossession a fast sale will reduce rising mortgage redemption cost and lenders legal fees.

Broken Chain

Chains make moving house a stressful business. If your chain breaks down at last minute, we can ensure your move stays on track.

Guaranteed Sale

Have you got a property which has proved hard to sell? We will remove the uncertainty and stress from your house sale.

Private sale

No estate agent boards or adverts. We offer a discreet sale so that you can tell your neighbours, friends and family in your own time.

Dream Home

Found the house you’ve always wanted, but need to act fast or you’ll lose it? Call us and we can take care of your house sale.


Inherited a property which needs work? Do you need a quick sale to pay taxes or legal fees? Or owning a deceased loved ones property too painful. Don’t worry we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section below covers the main questions we get asked about our business and will give a clearly understandable answer to your query. If a question you have isn't answered or is still unclear then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Are there any hidden fees involved?read more
No, there are no hidden fees we are 100% transparent.
Can you arrange a property visit?read more
We will arrange to visit your property quickly ourselves or via our local agent, depending on where your property is based. Agreeing a Fast buy price with you means quickly and fairly appraising your property. Please disclose any known faults as soon as possible.
Can you help me if I'm in serious mortgage arrears or my property is about to be repossessed?read more
Yes, we have many years of experience in helping people in difficult and pressured situations like these.
Will you guarantee your offer on my property?read more
Yes. We will not reduce our offer prior to completion unless you have withheld important information from our surveyor.
How long does the process take?read more
We can simply complete in a timescale that suits you. We will work with you to achieve your desired completion date.
What properties do you buy and where?read more
We consider any mortgageable properties in England. We specialise in Cornwall.
How quickly will I receive the cash for my property?read more
We will work towards your preferred completion date, whereby your solicitors will receive the monies.
What if I need to pull out of the sale before exchange?read more
That's fine. We will not charge you any fees as we understand circumstances can arise that may not be foreseeable.
Can I be guaranteed a confidential service?read more
Of course. Our service is completely private and confidential and no details will be passed on to any third parties without your consent.
Will you buy a house if I have a tenant in situ?read more
Yes, we specialise in buying tenanted properties.

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Fastmoove will pay up to a maximum of 80% of market price immediately. If you’d like to talk to us about anything at all to do with selling your property, or with any other matter related to our business, please use these details or fill in our contact form.

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Approved by, The Property Ombudsman, Residential Landlords Association
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